Bill Tracking

Detect patterns in transaction data with Bill and Subscription Detection

The Problem

Actionable bill tracking requires a huge effort in machine learning, data science, and data engineering investment.

The Solution

Detect recurring patterns across your users’ transaction data and train your proprietary models using Pave’s predictive analytics for future bill payment dates and amounts.

Products and Benefits

Detect bills and subscriptions

Pave allows you to track users’ recurring bills and predict the next bill date and amount using Bill and Subscription Detection. Receive a unified view of a user’s insights including bill, rent, utilities, BNPL, and subscription payments as well as repayment history.

Reduce overdrafts

Reduce overdrafts by proactively recommending users suggested Deposit Amount Required amounts. Pave allows you to predict the required deposit amount for a user to maintain a positive balance.

Embed bill payments within your app experience

Pave partners with bill payment solutions to make it seamless for you to create Embedded Bill Payments within your app experience. Surface detected bill payments in your transactional data to allow users to pay bills using your card product, pay down their debt across over 10,000 financial institutions, and streamline enrollment into student debt assistance program.

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