Predict a borrower’s likelihood and ability to pay for specific credit products.

Score borrowers based on product-specific performance

Embrace a new era of credit products with Scores tailored to your specific product offering.

Cash Advance History Score

Scores users based on their repayment history across 100+ cash advance providers in order to provide higher limits and optimize approvals.

Cash Advance Repayment Score

Accurately predicts the likelihood of repayment to reduce defaults. Pave’s models are built on millions of cash advance defaults and 1000+ Attributes.

Small Dollar Loan Scores

Predicts the likelihood and ability to pay a small dollar loan.

Coming soon.

Personal Loan Scores

Predicts the likelihood and ability to pay a personal loan.

Coming soon.

BNPL Scores

Predicts the likelihood and ability to pay a BNPL purchase.

Coming soon.

NSF Scores

Predicts the likelihood of a failed collection.

Coming soon.

Increase accuracy in repayment predictions

Distinguish between stable and risky borrowers within each FICO band. Supplement traditional credit scores with Pave’s Scores to boost the accuracy of repayment predictions.

Unlock the full power of your data

Pave’s scoring models seamlessly integrate and process all of your data sources, delivering real-time borrower risk Scores that capture an up-to-date view of a borrower’s likelihood and ability to pay.

Layer risk decisions with cashflow-driven scoring

Identify healthy borrowers

Distinguish between healthy and unhealthy borrowers based on their cashflows, even if they have the same FICO score. Extend financial services to underserved yet creditworthy borrowers that may have been overlooked by traditional risk assessments.

Scores built on billions of bank transactions

Our scoring models are built on a vast and growing dataset, customizable for specific product offerings. We continually assess  predictiveness and fine-tune our models accordingly.

Supplement traditional data with cashflow analytics

Leverage real-time cashflow and financial health information like income stability, balance trends,  loan or cash advance payments, monthly recurring expenditures, and more to supplement traditional data sources.

Explore Use Cases

Cash Advance

Score users for cash advances.

Installment Loans

Personalize plans for installment loans.

Personal Loans

Project affordability scenarios for personal loans.

Credit and Charge Cards

Set dynamic credit limits for credit and charge cards.

Power risk decisions with cashflow intelligence

3 product offerings


Reduce defaults and NSFs

Use our Scores trained on billions of labeled datapoints:

  • Cash Advance Scores
  • Small Dollar Loan Scores
  • Personal Loan Scores
  • NSF Scores

Attributes Store

Drive lift in risk models

    Power your proprietary risk models with cashflow signals including:
  • Income trends
  • Debt payment trends
  • NSF and balance trends
  • Changes in affordability

Cashflow Analytics

Predict user cashflow

Forecast user cashflows including:

  • Income detection
  • Bill detection
  • Liabilities
  • Rent