Start building cashflow underwriting models and more in minutes.

Start with one product and graduate to bundled pricing as you scale.

Cashflow API

Unlock a unified view of your customer’s income, expenses, and more to drive critical credit decisions and build personalized financial experiences.

Attributes Store

Access 450+ Risk & Affordability Attributes to train and backtest your models.


Access predictive Scores trained on Pave’s growing labeled dataset of loan payments and defaults to help drive lift in your risk models.


Test out our products above using our sandbox environment at no cost.

Power your risk models with Pave

Turn financial data into actionable credit decisions.

3 layers of data abstraction


Reduce defaults and NSFs

Use our pre-built Scores trained on billions of labeled datapoints:

  • Cash Advance History Score
  • Cash Advance Repayment Score
  • Likelihood to Repay Score
  • NSF/Overdraft Prediction Scores

Attributes Store

Drive lift in risk models

Use a growing number of signals in your models with our Attributes Store including:

  • Income shocks and trends
  • Debt repayment behavior
  • NSF and balance trends
  • Changes in affordability

Cashflow API

Data Cleaning & Enrichment

Transform raw bank transactions with our Cashflow API including:

  • Income detection and predicting next payroll
  • Bill and subscription detection and predicting next payment
  • Obligatory, essential, and non-essential categorization

Build and scale with ease

SOC 2 Compliance

Dedicated support with a shared Slack channel

Unlimited data source integrations

In-house data quality analysts

Ready to start building?

Frequently Asked Questions

Pave’s solution is a SaaS model. Monthly billing consists of a tiered platform fee for each product, as well as a per-user fee based on the number of unique users uploaded. Contact sales for an estimate if you are able to share your current monthly user count and expected growth rate over the next 6-12 months.

The User ID is assigned by you based on whatever unique identifier you choose. Our insights are on a UID level – so a UID can be associated with multiple accounts.

Pave is designed to serve real-time use cases including underwriting decisions and other types of risk models. As such, our current p50 latency is ~2 seconds and p95 is ~13 seconds.

Yes! Pave is SOC 2 Type II Compliant. Pave is committed to the security of our customers’ data and our SOC 2 certification allows us to continue supporting the growing number of fintech companies using Pave to power risk models and app functionality.

For all of our products, you may make unlimited API calls.  Usage fees only apply on a per-user base, not based on the number of API calls made.