Personalized Offers

Target users with personalized offers through Segmentation Analytics

The Problem

Creating personalized offers for users requires extensive cashflow analysis and modeling efforts to detect payments and signals in transaction data, and to define user segments and personas.

The Solution

Target users with personalized offers using Pave’s insights and segmentation analytics to provide them with offers that are relevant to them.

Products and Benefits

Personalize and cross-sell offers

Pave partners with companies like Otomo who are helping fintechs and banks embed personalized solutions for their users. Personalize and Cross-sell Offers to customers using insights such as spending recommendations and curated offers for financial services and products.

Segmentation Analytics

Segment users into different categories based on their spending behavior and drive a highly personalized customer experience using Segmentation Analytics. Pave allows you to segment users across earning and spending profiles (eg. Health conscious, Pet Owner, Homeowner), and build improved targeting models to match users with corresponding product offerings.

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