Overdraft Protection

Predict the likelihood of overdraft with Affordability and Risk Scores

The Problem

Consumers who live paycheck to paycheck often rely on overdraft protection to carry them through to their next paycheck, however, safely extending users overdraft protection requires a significant investment in risk modeling on the user’s account activity. 

The Solution

Accurately predict the likelihood a user will be able to cover an overdraft. Use Pave’s analytics to predict when the user’s next paycheck will hit their account, their expected balance, and more.

Products and Benefits

Drive lift in risk models

Pave’s Affordability and Risk Scores are trained on a large and growing dataset of over 4 billion bank transactions across our vast network of customers. Our scores help drive lift in your models for predicting the likelihood of default, failed payments or transfers, end-of-day balances, and the amount a user can afford to repay.

Detect financial accounts

Pave allows you to prompt users to connect additional accounts that have been detected in transaction history using Financial Accounts Detection. Increase acceptances and improve risk models by analyzing signals and behaviors across a user’s transaction data from additional detected accounts.

Reduce overdrafts

Reduce overdrafts by proactively recommending users suggested Deposit Amount Required amounts. Pave allows you to predict the required deposit amount for a user to maintain a positive balance.

Reduce model development time

The 140+ attributes in our Attributes Endpoint surface insights into a user’s cashflow including historical and projected income, debt, and ability to make repayments. Use these attributes in your own custom risk model.

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