Installment Loans

Personalize payment plans for installment loans

Reduce defaults and NSFs by customizing payments to your customers’ affordability.

Used by: BNPL / POS Financing / Lease-to-Own / Flexible financing solutions

The Problem

Unnecessary losses. Collections teams face losses from late, returned, or partial payments due to low borrower affordability.

Overlooked Borrowers. Traditional lending criteria exclude capable borrowers with a strong ability to pay. 

Lagging signals. It can take up to 30 days for credit reports to display changes in a borrower’s financial situation. 

Pave's Solution

Personalized payment plans. Tailor payment plans based on a borrower's peak affordability. Reduce the chance of defaults by over 27%. 

Identify healthy cashflows. Visualize a borrower’s cashflows to uncover signals of financial health and ability to pay.

Real-time visibility. Tailor loan terms based on a comprehensive, unified, and real-time view of the user’s cashflows alongside credit data.


Cashflow Analytics

Forecast affordability with a real-time view of income, expenses, liabilities and more.

Attributes Store

Generate 1000+ Risk & Affordability signals to train and backtest your loan pricing, pre-qualification, and risk models.


Predict cashflow outcomes including the likelihood and ability to repay.

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