How it Works

How it Works


Connect your data sources

Pass your data sources to Pave’s API – no transformation necessary.

Pave’s ML & AI models unify, categorize, and detect recurring patterns in all of your anonymized financial data sources in near real-time.


Get Attributes & Scores

After a few seconds, 1000+ Attributes and Scores are ready to access. 


Power risk models

Access Pave’s Attributes and Scores in your proprietary risk models, credit decisioning platforms, LOS platforms, and more.

Risk teams use Attributes & Scores for the following:

Transform your data sources into Attributes and Scores with

Discover how to accelerate your model development from months to days

3 ways risk teams use Pave


  • Receive instant notifications through webhooks
  • Seamlessly integrate into existing tools and workflows
  • Tailor functionality to your use case
  • Integrate with a wide range of pre-configured data sources 

Snowflake Data Warehouse

  • Access Pave’s schemas via Snowflake’s Secure Direct Data Share
  • Data consumers immediately see all updates
  • Streamline model development, analytics, and other use cases


  • User-friendly UI – no coding required
  • Real-time data updates and visualization
  • Fast access to key insights and analytics.

Power risk decisions with cashflow intelligence

3 product offerings


Reduce defaults and NSFs

Use our Scores trained on billions of labeled datapoints:

  • Cash Advance Scores
  • Likelihood to Repay
  • NSF/Overdraft Prediction

Attributes Store

Drive lift in risk models

    Power your proprietary risk models with cashflow signals including:
  • Income trends
  • Debt payment trends
  • NSF and balance trends
  • Changes in affordability

Cashflow Analytics

Predict user cashflow

Forecast user cashflows including:

  • Income detection
  • Bill detection
  • Liabilities
  • Rent

Benefits of using Pave

Faster time to market

Generate Attributes and Scores in near-real time via our APIs and turnkey access to Pave’s secure and standardized Snowflake data warehouse. Accelerate your development from quarters to days.

Unlock resources

Reduce the burden on your data science, data engineering, and infrastructure teams to process billions of data points in-house. Focus on proprietary data sources, models, and unique areas of value.   

Improve model performance

Leverage a growing number of Attributes and Scores including loan repayment behavior, affordability metrics, income stability, spend shocks, likelihood to repay, and more.  

Unlimited data source connections

Pave ingests all of your financial data sources allowing you to:

  • Retrieve a complete view of your customer’s financial profile across data sources
  • Instantly generate Attributes on any of your connected data sources
  • Predict events like defaults and likelihood to repay

Check out our use cases for cash advance, credit and charge cards, personal loans, and more.