How it Works

How it Works


Connect multiple data sources

Pave maps multiple data sources to our standardized data model, so you can retrieve one unified view of the user.


Receive Cashflow Predictions in seconds

Our machine learning models enrich your data, detect recurring behaviors, and predict future events.  


Power your risks models with Pave

Supercharge your decisioning with Pave’s 300+ attributes including income history and stability, rent and mortgage payments, loan payment behavior, Affordability and Risk scores, and more. 

mission and vission

The Problem

Companies of all sizes ranging from early-stage fintechs all the way to financial institutions are challenged with investing millions of dollars and ongoing software engineering, data engineering, and machine learning to:

  • Enrich and unify multiple data sources
  • Predict future cashflows
  • Predict defaults

Our Solution

Pave returns Attributes and Scores to help consumer fintechs and FIs manage credit risk and build personalized financial experiences.

Unlock a comprehensive view of your consumers’ financial profile to drive critical credit decisions.

Example Input

Here’s an example of how transaction data can show up for one merchant.

It can show up with:

  • Inconsistent and generic merchant names
  • Lack of or inaccurate categories
  • Varying transaction structure
  • Duplicate transaction records

Example API Response

Pave ingests messy transaction data and returns: 

  • Granular merchant name 
  • Granular tags
  • Payment frequency
  • Predicted spend
  • Associated fees
  • Necessity levels

Instead of grouping all of these transactions under a broad merchant name like “Money Lion,” Pave analyzes the description, date, amount, and other factors to accurately distinguish between MoneyLion cash advance deposits, transfers, loan payments, subscription fees, and more. 

Connect multiple data sources


Our AI-powered data platform ingests all of your financial data sources including:

  • Bank aggregators
  • BaaS platforms
  • Payroll APIs
  • Debt management APIs
  • Credit bureau reports

Receive Cashflow Predictions in seconds

Differentiate your models with a few API calls to:


a user’s income frequency, shocks, and predicted next payroll  


multiple sources to see a complete view of the user’s financial profile

Get real-time insight

into debt repayments, changes in spending behavior and financial health 

Use granular insight to predict the likelihood a user can afford to repay a debt, save towards a goal, or safely spend without risking an overdraft with Pave’s AI powered data infrastructure.

Power your risk models with Pave

Turn financial data into actionable credit decisions

In an increasingly complex credit environment, lenders need to supplement Credit Bureau data with additional borrower context.  It’s been hard to see a real-time view of a borrower’s cashflows and financial situation–’s APIs are changing that.  Pave’s models leverage a growing network of bank transaction, payroll, and credit data. Our insight into a growing dataset of over 2 million financial profiles and 4 billion transactions allows us to power insights and mitigate risk against changes to income,  spending, and new debt.

3 layers of data abstraction

Cashflow API

Data Cleaning & Enrichment

Transform raw bank transactions with our Cashflow API including:

  • Income detection and predicting next payroll
  • Bill and subscription detection and predicting next payment
  • Obligatory, essential, and non-essential categorization

Attributes Store

Drive lift in risk models

Use a growing number of signals in your models with our Attributes Store including:

  • Income history and stability
  • Debt payment behavior
  • NSF and balance trends
  • Changes in affordability


Reduce defaults and NSFs

Use our pre-built Scores trained on billions of labeled datapoints:

  • Cash Advance Score
  • Likelihood to Repay Score
  • NSF/Overdraft Prediction Scores
  • Your own proprietary Score

Transform your data sources into attributes and scores with

Discover how to accelerate your model development from months to days

Benefits of using Pave

Faster time to market

Generate attributes and scores in near-real time via our APIs and turnkey access to Pave’s secure and standardized Snowflake data warehouse. Accelerate your development from quarters to days.

Unlock resources

Reduce the burden on your data science, data engineering, and infrastructure teams to process billions of data points in-house. Focus on proprietary data sources, models, and unique areas of value.   

Improve model performance

Leverage a growing number of Attributes and Scores including loan repayment behavior, affordability metrics, income stability, spend shocks, likelihood to repay, and more.  

Pave integrates with 20+ data source integrations and growing!

Check out our use cases for cash advance, credit builder, overdraft protection, and more.