Debt Consolidation

Project affordability scenarios for debt consolidation

The Problem

Data complexity. Lenders face complexity in assessing borrower affordability across multiple debts, interest rates, expenses, and income.

Outdated and inaccurate reports. Credit report discrepancies compromise the accuracy and recency of a borrower’s financial profile.

Limited scope. Credit bureau data often overlooks non-traditional credit accounts and smaller or older debts.

The Solution

Complete the picture. Seamlessly stitch together multiple data sources to provide tailored debt payoff and consolidation strategies.

Real-time affordability scenarios. Run scenario-based assessments in real-time to determine eligibility for consolidated and reduced monthly payments.

Full visibility. Retrieve a comprehensive view of cashflow across credit and cashflow data including rent and medical accounts.


Cashflow API

Unlock comprehensive customer financial data for intelligent credit decisions.


Drive lift in risk models with 1000+ Risk & Affordability Attributes.


Predict borrower cashflow behavior built on billions of data points.

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