Personalize loan payment plans to reduce collections risk

The Problem

Today, the collections process is not personalized – it’s either random or puts pressure on the consumer to choose their own repayment schedule. With U.S. households paying an average of 13 bills per month, it’s difficult to make the complex decisions involved in prioritizing bill payments which can result in delinquencies.

The Solution

Provide users with personalized repayment schedules that align with their income and other bill payments using Pave’s predictive cashflow analytics. Reduce delinquencies, NSFs, and defaults to create a better customer experience.

Products and Benefits

Detect income and predict next paycheck deposit

Pave’s Paycheck Detection and Prediction Model returns a user’s predicted income amount and date and historical income transactions across income streams.

Detect loan history and predict payments

Pave’s Loan Detection allows you to track users’ loans and predict the next loan payment date and amount. Receive a unified view of a user’s cashflow including loan history and repayment data.

Detect and predict upcoming bills and subscription payments

Pave allows you to track users’ recurring bills and predict the next bill date and amount using Bill and Subscription Detection. Receive a unified view of a user’s insights including bill, rent, utilities, BNPL, and subscription payments as well as repayment history.

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