Cashflow Underwriting

Supplement credit data with cashflow underwriting

Used by: Personal Loans / Cash Advance / Credit Cards

The Problem

Low approvals. Today’s high interest rates and invisibility into healthy borrowers make lending harder than ever. 

Overlooked Borrowers. Traditional lending criteria exclude capable borrowers with a strong ability to pay. 

Lagging signals. It can take up to 30 days for credit reports to display changes in a borrower’s financial situation.

Pave's Solution

Reduce approval risk. Evaluate borrowers’ capacity to handle increased interest expenses while ensuring loan repayment.

Identify healthy cashflows. Visualize a borrower’s cashflows to uncover signals of financial health and ability to pay.

Real-time visibility. Tailor loan terms based on a comprehensive, unified, and real-time view of your customers' cashflows alongside credit data.


Cashflow API

Analyze real-time and predictive behaviors across income, loans, rent, balances and more.

Attributes Store

Drive lift in risk models with 1000+ Affordability Attributes including income and spend shocks, balance trends, and early signs of delinquency.


Predict outcomes including the likelihood and ability to repay.

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