Cash Advance

Predict a user's affordability to reduce cash advance default and NSF risk

The Problem

Many cash advance apps face losses when a person can’t repay their advance or when a ACH pull fails due to insufficient account balance.  Extending users a cash advance that they can afford to pay back often involves conducting a risk assessment without looking at their credit history.

The Solution

Pave’s Cashflow Insights API, Attributes Store, and Cash Advance Score return a comprehensive view of a user’s borrowing and repayment history, allowing credit risk teams to assess the likelihood a borrower will repay a cash advance without resulting in NSFs or defaults.

Product and Benefits

Reduce model development time

The 300+ attributes in our Attributes Store surface insights into a user’s cashflow including historical and projected income, debt, and ability to make repayments. Use these attributes in your custom risk model.

Reduce NSFs and defaults

Pave’s Payroll Prediction Model returns a user’s predicted income date and amount to optimize the ACH pull to collect a borrower’s repayment and avoid an NSF.

Forecast user Cashflow

Get a holistic view of a user’s Cashflow all in one place with Unified Cashflow Insights. Forecast all inflows and outflows from a person’s accounts including employment and disposable income, spending and savings capability, ability to repay a loan, and more.

Drive lift in risk models

Pave’s Cash Advance Score is trained on a growing dataset of millions of users and their cash advance deposits, repayments, fees, and subscriptions to predict the likelihood that a user will repay within 15/30/45 days.

Provide deposit and borrowing recommendations

Use our Deposit Amount Required endpoint to predict the required amount a user needs to deposit or borrow to avoid a failed payment or overdraft.

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