Cash Advance

Score users for cash advance

The Problem

NSFs from failed collections. Cash advance providers face losses due to insufficient funds in users’ accounts.

Model limitations. Earlier-stage providers lack enough default history. Later-stage companies face difficulty expanding to new segments.

Lack of history. No visibility into how a user repaid cash advances across competitive cash advances.

The Solution

Reduce NSFs. Retrieve predictions and signals about a user’s income, balance trends, and cashflows.

Proven models. Leverage Scores trained on  our growing dataset of cash advance repayments.

Historical performance. Access a user’s cash advance payment history across competitors’ apps. Offer new users 2-3X more in advances without increasing defaults.


Cashflow API

Unlock comprehensive customer financial data for intelligent credit decisions.


Drive lift in risk models with 1000+ Risk & Affordability Attributes.


Predict borrower cashflow behavior built on billions of data points.

Find out how cash advance apps leverage Pave’s Cash Advance Scores to increase revenue up to 27%

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