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Join Our Team

Join Our Team

We're rewriting how the financial ecosystem understands a customer's financial life

Our Culture

At Pave, our team is working to build a future where every person has access to equitable financial services. We’re looking for mission-driven individuals who are eager to solve challenging problems.

Our team is 100% remote, so you can work from anywhere. We value talented self-starters who are excited to be a part of a growing team. Our guiding principles include:

Maintaining Good Habits

Delivering product is a function of discipline and focus. While a guiding mission and clear objective defines a milestone we’re trying to reach, often the hardest part is sticking to a set of daily rituals in order to get there. (We believe this to be true in our personal lives as well.)

Great Teams > Great Individuals

Behind a great brand are great products, behind great products are great teams, and behind great teams are great people. While we all have our weaknesses, magic starts when people come together as a team and balance each other out in order to keep building.

Pursuing Solutions, Not Pitfalls

While it’s easy to point out all the reasons why something can’t work, magic happens when exceptional teams focus on producing solutions. We’re a team that is not intimidated by tackling some of the toughest challenges in consumer finance.

Why Pave?

We are a diverse team motivated by delivering a continuously improving API to our customers and helping them move 10x faster. We know that if we are committed to the following three areas, we will be in a position to power the underpinnings of how financial data flows through every system:

• Largest selection of data source integrations
• Best in class performance on data quality
• Growing number of new insights and use cases

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and are committed to making fintech more equitable, accessible, and diverse.