We’ve updated our Postman Collection

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started with our API. Using our Postman collection is the quickest way for you to explore our endpoints. We’ve recently made updates to reflect the new functionality that we have been adding to the platform in the past few months!

You can check out the postman collection at https://postman.pave.dev 

These updates include: 

Here are some FAQs to get you started.

How do I get this new collection?

You can simply fork our collection by visiting http://postman.pave.dev, selecting the Pave API collection, and creating a fork. Additionally, you may want to choose Watch Original Collection to stay up to date with the changes we’re making. 

How do I make API calls?

You’ll need an API Key to make calls using the postman collection. If you don’t already have an API Key, you can create one at https://manage.pave.dev. Your account should come pre-loaded with some sandbox users, so go ahead and create a sandbox API Key. 

Next, you’ll need to update the `pave_api_key` variable under the variables section of the collection. 

You’re now ready to make API calls! Check out our sample insights in the insights folder.