Welcome to the pave.dev blog!

Welcome to the pave.dev blog!

If you are a fintech developer, data scientist, founder, or PM, this blog will be a resource to help understand how cash flow and financial insights can be leveraged to:

  • Build personalized spending, saving, debt repayment features
  • Build financial forecasting models
  • Improve risk models
  • Segment your customer base by cash flow attributes

Here at pave.dev, we’re building the first ever consumer cash flow data model to accelerate the development of use cases like the ones above.

All of our data and engineering resources are dedicated to cleaning, transforming, and deriving insights from financial data so fintech devs can spend time building unique value for their end customers.

If you’re interested in how the insights we’re generating can help you, request sandbox access here to try our API out for yourself.

If what we’re building sounds like something you’d be excited to work on, we’re hiring for multiple roles! Check out our open positions here.