Upload Transactions with a Generic Content Type to Pave

We’ve released an update that will allow you to upload transactions with a generic content type to our API.

Many of our customers have requested to upload transaction data to our API without being restricted by a specific data aggregator’s schema, such as Plaid or MX. With this update, you can now easily upload any form of transaction data, including core banking transaction data and transaction data from your own internal schema.

Here are some FAQs to get you started.

Do I need to transform my transaction data to upload ?

Yes, you would need to transform the transaction data and include the required fields so that it is ingestible by our generic upload endpoint.

You can refer to our documentation to see an example of a request payload.

Which fields are required?

  • account_id
  • amount
  • category
  • iso_currency_code
  • date
  • name
  • transaction_id
  • base_type

Which fields are optional?

  • location
  • pending

How can I upload a generic content type transaction payload?

You can upload generic transaction payloads to our POST transactions endpoint.
We use content-type: application/pave+json in the request header to identify the data format for the payload.