Upload Plaid Auth Payloads to Pave

We’re now ingesting Plaid Auth data! Plaid Auth payloads provide information about a user’s account, including the financial institution associated with the account.

The specific financial institution can impact the frequency and accuracy of balance updates, the amount of an NSF or Overdraft fee, the duration of a transfer, and more. Pave will unify the financial institution and account information with the user’s transactions for more accurate balances and credit risk models.

Use Cases

  • Cash advance: Reduce failed collection attempts by calling our balances endpoint to check if the user has sufficient funds in their account
  • Credit risk models: Leverage the financial institution as an input to provide lift in your credit risk models

Here are some FAQs to get you started.

How can I upload Plaid Auth data?

You can read more about uploading Plaid Auth payloads on our docs.