Announcing our Unit Integration

We’ve launched a new Unit integration that allows you to upload bank transaction data from your Unit accounts to Pave. You can now upload Unit transactions and account balances via Pave’s upload endpoints. When you call any of our insight endpoints (e.g. recurring_expenditures), a user’s Unit transactions will be included in the analysis, all in one unified view.

Why this matters

A user’s deposits and spending are spread across multiple accounts including their Unit account. Pave maps transactions from Unit’s API to our standardized data model so that you can get one unified view of a user’s recurring income, bill payments, spending habits, and more. 

Use Cases

    • Cashflow Underwriting: Drive lift in your credit and fraud risk models by identifying a user’s complete income and spending across multiple accounts

    • Reconcile Income: Prevent double-counting income and inflows when users transfer money between their primary account and Unit account. 

    • Track all accounts in one place:  Build screens that track all recurring transaction sets across connected accounts and Unit accounts in your app

Here are some FAQs to get you started.

How can I upload Unit payloads through the Pave API?

Please see our linked documentation pages on uploading Unit transactions and accounts data.


You can find the documentation here –