Announcing our Snowflake Data Sharing

We’re excited to announce that we’ve utilized Snowflake to share our attributes table from our Snowflake data warehouse with yours! We’ve received a lot of feedback from data science and risk teams that a much easier way to work with Pave’s data is by accessing tables rather than calling the API for each user. This allows you to rapidly test and incorporate our 300+ attributes in an ML model or for analysis.


  • Risk modelers and data scientists will be able to train ML models with their own proprietary attributes but also easily utilize Pave’s.
  • We currently offer 300+ attributes that you can retrieve to evaluate users for fraud and cash advances.
  • We add 5-10 more attributes every week.
  • Features are refreshed daily.

Use Cases

  • Risk modeling for fraud
  • Cash advance risk
  • ACH risk
  • Overdraft risk
  • Credit risk

Contact us to learn more.