Announcing our Method Integration

By popular demand, we’ve added a data source integration for Method, an API that allows developers to retrieve data about a user’s liabilities such as credit cards, mortgages, and student loans – all with just the user’s phone number.

A Pave + Method integration allows you to retrieve a complete view of a user’s recurring loan payment history and enrich it with Method liability data including balances, next payment due date, interest rates, and more.

Why this matters

To date, getting a complete view of a user’s loan payment history alongside the details of the loan including the balance, term length, and interest rate has been a painful and often manual process. 

Pave’s pre-built Method integration detects recurring loan payments in bank data and unifies it with the Method’s loan metadata to answer questions like:

  • Did the user experience missed or late loan payments in the past?
  • What is the user’s debt to income ratio?  
  • What is the user’s average account balance when making a loan payment?  

Pave + Method Use Cases

  • Cashflow Underwriting: Drive lift in your credit and fraud risk models    
  • Personalize debt management experiences: Allow your users to see all of their loans in one place. Recommend optimal debt payoff plans based on their cashflows and interest rates 
  • Manage overdraft and ACH risk: Verify upcoming loan due dates against the user’s account balance to anticipate potential overdrafts or ACH returns. 
  • Personalize refinancing offers: Monitor your users’ loan history and proactively offer loan refinancing options.

Here are some FAQs to get you started.

Which Method payloads can I upload to the Pave API?

You can upload Method Payments, Entities and Accounts payloads to the Pave API.

How can I upload Method payloads to the Pave API?

You can read about uploading Method payloads on the Method Payments, Method Entities, and Method Accounts pages of our docs.