Improvements to the Balances Endpoint

We’ve released improvements to our Balances endpoint. Please note that these improvements will not affect your current implementation.

This endpoint originally returned an end-of-day balance calculation based on Plaid balances, using current and available balances interchangeably. We now have distinct balances for an account’s current balance (considering posted transactions only) and available balance (considering both posted and pending transactions). 

Why this matters

The balances endpoint provides a view of a user’s end-of-day balance, and balance trends including when the user experiences negative or single-digit account balance days. This endpoint improvement lets you differentiate between a user’s current balance and available balance. You can select the balance that matches your internal definition, and tailor your use of the balances endpoint to your needs.

Examples of when you might want to use current vs available balance

Available balance

As a lender, you may want to consider a user’s available balance (including both pending and posted transactions) to ensure there are sufficient funds to cover a payment 

Current balance

In PFM use cases, it might be a better user experience to show someone their current balance to allow the user to see how much money is flowing in and out of their account at any given time.

Here are some FAQs to get you started!

How are the new balances represented in the endpoint?

We’ve added two new fields to the Balances endpoint: current_balance_eod and available_balance_eod. Please refer to our docs to see all of the fields in the Balances endpoint.

When will the balances_eod field be deprecated?

The balances_eod field will be deprecated on March 30th.

Please note that while the balances_eod field temporarily remains in the endpoint for backward compatibility, it is now displaying the same value as the current_balance_eod field. 

Additionally, please note that the is_uploaded field, the  is_within_uploaded_balances_range field, and the confidence_score field now reflect the current_balance_eod field. We will be adding corresponding fields for the available_balance_eod field on March 30th.


You can find the documentation here –