Detecting Earned Wage Access Transactions

We’re excited to announce that we launched  “Earned Wage Access” as a new tag for our “Recurring Income” endpoint! Earned wage access (EWA) is a financial service offered to employees giving access to some of their accrued wages before their regular payday.

Some Key Findings

  • We observed 6.89% month-over-month growth of EWA transactions over the past year
  • Average EWA dollar amount: $155.33
  • The most common EWA companies:
    • Dailypay (53.14% of EWA transactions)
    • Payactiv (27.67% of the EWA transactions)
  • Close to 3% of the users in our database use EWA products.

Why this matters

  • Identifying Earned Wage Access deposits are critical to understanding the complete picture of a person’s income.
  • If EWA is not factored in, a person’s recurring income might look lower than it actually is, impacting lending decisions and other personalized financial tools
  • EWA is a fast growing trend. We have seen 97.6% YoY growth in EWA deposits and expect this trend to continue as more companies adopt this service


You can find the documentation here –