Detecting Crypto Transactions

We’re excited to announce that we launched “Crypto” as a new tag for our recurring_outflows and recurring_inflows endpoints! We originally only tagged cryptocurrency transactions as “Investment” but felt the need to more precisely cover these transactions as they hold a very different level of risk compared to more traditional investments. Now, all cryptocurrency transactions will be tagged as “Investment, Crypto” in our API!

Some Key Findings

  • We observed 6.67% month-over-month growth of crypto transfers over the past year.
  • Around 19% of the users in our database have made a crypto transaction.
  • Average crypto transaction dollar amount: $408.61
  • The most common Cryptocurrency companies:
    • Coinbase (48.67% of crypto transactions)
    • (11.37% of crypto transactions)
    • FTX (7.97% of crypto transactions)

Why this matters

  • Detecting transfers and deposits to and from crypto exchanges and wallets allows you to understand approximately how much of a user’s assets are in crypto.
  • Crimes in the crypto market like scams and theft totaled $14 billion in 2021, an 80% rise from the previous year. Data science teams can now track crypto transfers in transaction data using Pave to analyze normal vs. abnormal crypto behavior and flag transfers as potentially risky.


You can find the documentation here –