Announcing the User Labels Endpoint

We’ve released our User Labels endpoint. The User Labels endpoint allows you to assign labels to a user to customize your financial data with additional fields. Use the endpoint to create and assign attribute labels to users and prevent labeled information from being refreshed with new uploads.

With this endpoint, you can

  • Store free form information about a user. For example:
    • Income level or buyer personas could be stored as labels
    • Loan or cash advance default information could be stored as labels
  • Change certain behaviors of the API. For example:
    • Assign `refresh_insights_on_upload` to a user_id. This label enables you to only refresh insights on every upload for a subset of your users 
  • Train your risk models or recommendation models against different user segments

Use Cases

  • Create custom user segments (eg. high-earners, luxury shoppers, etc.) for personalized recommendations and user acquisition analysis
  • Train your risk models against different user segments for better model performance
  • Provide feedback on the state of a user (eg. user is in default) to improve the accuracy of Pave’s Likelihood to Repay Scores.  

Here are some FAQs to get you started.

How can I create or update a user label? 

You can simply call the PUT /labels/{label_id} endpoint. If the label doesn’t exist, the label is created. If the label already exists, the previous value is overwritten. You can read more about creating and updating user labels here

How can I retrieve the user labels for a particular user? 

You can simply call the GET /labels/ endpoint. You can read more about retrieving user labels here


You can find the documentation here –