Announcing the Custom Data Upload Endpoint

Due to popular demand, we’ve created an endpoint to upload any additional data about a user such as loan approvals or rejections, defaults, loan payment attempts, and more. This data will be used to improve our Attributes and Scores by supplementing transaction data with custom information.

Why this matters

Uploading additional data about a user’s decision outcome can help to complete the story of their financial behavior. While Pave’s current models detect historical payments and predict future behavior, uploading data such as whether a user actually defaulted helps to further inform your risk models.

Use Cases

Upload loan or cash advance metadata

  • Cash advance approvals & rejections
  • Provided cash advance amounts
  • Payment collection attempts 
  • Defaults

Upload borrower self-reported data including

  • Income source and amount
  • Rent amount
  • Custom labels

Here are some FAQs to get you started!

My data is in a custom, nonstandard JSON schema. Can I still upload it to Pave? 

If data is generated in-house and does not come from a provider supported by Pave (check out for a full list of all the integrations we support), you are welcome to upload it in its current form!


How do I upload custom data?

You can upload custom data by issuing a PUT request to{your_user_id}/labels/{your_custom_data_key}

The payload data should be valid JSON and will be added as the custom data value. You can find a link to the documentation here.