Announcing our Galileo and Lithic Integrations

We’ve released integrations with Galileo and Lithic! This will allow you to upload bank data from Galileo and Lithic accounts to the Pave API.

With these integrations, data from Galileo and Lithic accounts will be unified with data from all the user’s other accounts. You’ll get a consolidated view of a user’s spending habits, income, etc., for the full picture of a user’s financial profile.

Use Cases

  • Credit risk models: Provide lift to your credit risk models by pulling signals about a user’s financial health across all of their accounts
  • Reduce collection defaults: Use Pave’s next_date paycheck prediction for all of the user’s different income streams to understand when the user will have sufficient funds in their account

Here are some FAQs to get you started.

Which Galileo and Lithic payloads can I upload to the Pave API?

You can upload the following payloads to the Pave API:

How can I upload Galileo and Lithic data?

You can read about uploading these payloads on the Galileo and Lithic upload pages of our docs.