A Unified View of User Insights

This endpoint will enable you to receive all of a user’s insights with just a single call to our API!

Benefits/Value Proposition

Fewer errors

Fewer API calls reduce the chances of error, since every call requires developers to consider multiple points of failure.

Less maintenance

Developers only need to maintain schemas for a single API response object (in the case of changes or deprecation).

Lower latency

Developers only need to consider the time to make a singular request to our server and receive a response for one API call.


We’ve observed that our customers are calling our upload_transactions endpoint and various insight endpoints (recurring_expenditures, ritual_expenses, recurring_income). This requires developers to maintain multiple API calls, and write code to parse each response. The unified insights endpoint reduces the code required to receive Pave API insights.


You can find the documentation here – https://docs.pave.dev/#operation/unified_insights.