Attributes Store

Attributes Store

The easiest way to generate 1000+ Risk & Affordability signals to train and backtest your loan pricing, pre-qualification, and risk models.

Instantly access borrower affordability trends

Lower modeling costs

Automate data cleaning, feature extraction, and pipeline development.

Drive lift in risk models

Identify recent changes in income, delinquency status, balances, and more.

Multiple data sources

Generate unified Attributes from multiple data sources including bank aggregators, credit reports, and core banking systems.

Leverage hundreds of cashflow signals in risk decisioning

Below are some examples of Attributes you can use in your risk models:

Identify new loans

Identify recent changes to a borrower’s income, new debt payments, monthly expenses and more. Pave identifies items that don’t show up in a credit report, like BNPL and cash advances.

Read more about the Liabilities Endpoint.

Monitor income stability

Detect trends related to a user’s monthly income including measures of stability, income to expense trends, and more.

Read more about the Recurring Income Endpoint.

Monitor balance trends

Detect trends including when the user experiences low and negative account balance days.

Read more about the Balances Endpoint.

See debt-to-income in real time

Get a comprehensive view into how much of your users’ income goes towards servicing their debts.

Read more about the Attributes Endpoint.

Explore Use Cases

Cash Advance

Score users for cash advances.

Installment Loans

Personalize plans for installment loans.

Personal Loans

Project affordability scenarios for personal loans.

Credit and Charge Cards

Set dynamic credit limits for credit and charge cards.

Power risk decisions with cashflow intelligence

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Reduce defaults and NSFs

Use our Scores trained on billions of labeled datapoints:

  • Cash Advance Scores
  • Small Dollar Loan Scores
  • Personal Loan Scores
  • NSF Scores

Attributes Store

Drive lift in risk models

    Power your proprietary risk models with cashflow signals including:
  • Income trends
  • Debt payment trends
  • NSF and balance trends
  • Changes in affordability

Cashflow Analytics

Predict user cashflow

Forecast user cashflows including:

  • Income detection
  • Bill detection
  • Liabilities
  • Rent