mission and vission

What We Do

Getting a complete picture of a consumer’s finances requires significant engineering time and resources, and every new data source presents its own unique set of challenges.

Pave is abstracting the data cleaning and transformation efforts necessary to get a single view of a consumer’s finances so that you can deliver timely and relevant notifications, recommendations, and personalized financial solutions.

Mission and Vision

We believe that by lowering the friction of extracting financial insights from the growing number of data sources, we can help accelerate the development of innovative and inclusive financial products.  We’re on a mission to enable builders to reinvent and lower the cost of financial services.

Our Story

We founded Pave to enable developers, data scientists, and PMs to spend less time dealing with dirty financial data and more time launching features that help people manage and grow their finances.

Prior to Pave, our journey started in emerging markets – mainly Africa and Central Asia – where we were focused on extracting financial insights from mobile money & mobile usage data. We developed a key insight that while more underbanked populations were getting access to financial products for the first time, it was (and is) incredibly costly and resource intensive for fintech companies to deal with the growing amount of digital financial data that was becoming available.

That key insight led us to starting Pave where we’re now focused on solving the problem of integrating, cleaning, and analyzing financial data in the US – no matter the source – in order to help builders accelerate the development of innovative and inclusive financial products.