Power risk decisions with cashflow intelligence

Risk teams use Pave to identify healthy borrowers, optimize credit limits, and improve collections outcomes.

New Data Study: Higher-Income Consumers Flock to Alternative Credit - Median Monthly Net Incomes Surge by 30% in 6 Months

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Current Use Cases

Leverage Pave’s Cashflow APIAttributes, and Scores in your risk models.

Cash Advance

Score users for cash advances.

Installment Loans

Personalize plans for installment loans.

Personal Loans

Project affordability scenarios for personal loans.

Credit and Charge Cards

Set dynamic credit limits for credit and charge cards.

Transform your data sources into Attributes and Scores with Pave.dev

Discover how to accelerate your model development from months to days

Who We Serve

Risk teams use Pave’s AI-powered Attributes and Scores to power their risk decisions.

Boost your risk models.

Pave’s Attributes and Scores are built on a diverse data network across millions of Americans for accurate predictions.

  • Get real-time cashflow and affordability signals
  • Analyze income trends, debt payment behavior, and signs of distress
  • Predict delinquencies, ability to pay, NSFs, and more

Reduce your modeling costs.

Risk teams can instantly generate hundreds of predictive Attributes in seconds.

  • Automate data cleaning, normalization, and feature extraction
  • Generate unified Attributes from multiple data sources
  • Eliminate in-house data labeling costs

Build on scalable data infrastructure.

Supercharge your backend and data engineering teams by enabling near-real-time analytics and predictions without constant maintenance. 

  • Process billions of financial data analytics in near-real time
  • Take advantage of pre-configured data source integrations
  • Access normalized data models via API or Snowflake

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